Get off the hamster wheel & 5-step strategy for busy working women

Hello busy working woman, 

Are you ready for a new way to live and work well?  

One thing I know for sure... is that I got off the hamster wheel and started to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life work.

And, as a result, I am sharing how I did it and continue to do it...with my proven 5-step coaching program for busy working women.

 5 Steps: Craft Your Meaningful Action Plan (MAP) and Go from Disengaged to Passionate in Your Life's Work".  

This coaching program is available for one on one coaching as well as small group online. It will help you focus on your priorities and values, get unstuck, move forward to align with your purpose and co-create and connect with those who can support you.

If you leave your contact details below, I will personally connect with you. I look forward to speaking with you.

to your own inspired journey,
Kelley Connors, MPH, Life Work Coach

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